About Me

I am originally from Hartlepool, (yes, that’s right, a monkey hanger). I work as an interior designer for an office interiors company in Leeds and I’ve been living in Bradford for 13 years where I met my wife Amanda. I originally got into railways through my dad who is a volunteer for NELPG and was involved in the overhaul of A2 60532 Blue Peter back to mainline running in the 90s and used to be a fireman on the NYMR. I got back into the hobby (I last did it in my early teens) a few years ago after something like a 20 year break!

My railway interests are generally LNER influenced although I do also like many LMS subjects. Since moving to Yorkshire I’ve researched the many fascinating ex-GNR lines in the West Riding which has lead to my current Great Hotton and Bowling Street Goods projects.

My other interests include music – I’ve played keyboards in various bands in my native northeast and (now only occasionally) with Uma, a Leeds rock band with prog tendancies.

I’m also interested in motor racing and cycling (OK mainly watching it).



  1. Delighted to see Bowling St Goods coming along and very pleased to be associated with the layout. The lamps look just the ticket! Very proud. Thank you very much for your support of RMLectronics and, please, mention RMLectronics to your viewing public and in any magazine article.
    Best wishes and thanks again,
    Robert Denton

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