Posted by: aj427 | July 20, 2015

NER Horsebox – initial report

At the weekend I was able to clean up the print further and check out the fittings. After thorough cleaning an initial coat of primer was applied. This highlighted that one side of the model was crisper than the other. Sanding was rather difficult, as was to be expected due to the panelling. I found it best to work with short thin strips of sandpaper for these parts but inevitably the model is going to be a little rougher than I’d like (also the primer has not atomized very well which hasn’t helped).

A little filing was required to enable the roof, body and chassis to fit properly. The interior detail parts were removed and checked for size. I’m quite pleased with the roof vents. The model is designed so that alternatives can be used but I’ll be using the printed vents rather than the cast metal ones I have which are incorrect. The buffers have printed well also and the only real reason not to use them is robustness. I have some 51L NER buffers sourced from Wizard Models. The images below show both buffers used.



The brake shoe part is a complete failure however. It’s very flimsy and did not fit into the pre-designed slot without a lot of filing. Both sets were broken in the process. I’ve already considered a better solution for this part. Also several parts of the chassis were further victims of manhandling including another spring hanger, both brake lever guards, part of one of the door springs and one of the steps. All of these parts will need to be reinforced if possible. I’ve been asked if I can do a modular version for compensation/P4 by several parties but I’m afraid the answer has to be no as the parts are barely strong enough printed as a whole and some of the parts will be too small to print as sprued items.

So, back to the drawing board for the moment.


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