Posted by: aj427 | July 16, 2015

NER Diag 196 Horsebox – Printed Prototype

Back from Shapeways yesterday was the prototype horsebox model…

The roof arrived in a separate bag so I’m not sure if they’ve printed it like that or if they removed it or it became detached from the sprue during cleaning. It’s not a big deal and this is what it should look like after printing:



And with the parts separated and placed loosely together:



The small add-on parts are tucked away inside the body for safety during transit – the lamp/plug items need some modification:


I’m very happy with how the detail has come out, especially the underframe. It is however, very delicate – I’ve already managed to snap off a couple of the spring hangers just by looking at them! I’ll be looking to try and beef these parts up a little. As usual, it’s a fine line between detail accuracy and robustness.


Of some concern at the moment is how the parts fit. It’s too tight to fit the chassis on one side and the roof is a little warped at one end. This all may just require cleaning and a little filing so we’ll see how it goes. This was after the first cleaning session and already the fit is better:




  1. Lovely. I’ll have one! 😊

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