Posted by: aj427 | July 6, 2015

Bowling Street Goods – Summer Progress Update

A little less obvious progress these last few months as work gets more detailed and focused.

Bowling Street July 2015-06

A pleasant diversion on my work bench has been a handful of Parkside Dundas LNER hoppers to compliment the new Hornby BR ones. These are at the painting stage now. Also a number of private owner wagons are in the process of being re-badged to early BR.

Back to the layout and much more work has gone into the coal yard including the weighbridge and a scratch-built building. It started off as the Wills coal office but in the end I’ve only used the door! Most of the cobbling is now laid and painted.

Bowling Street July 2015-04Bowling Street July 2015-05

Next up the small embankment has been in-filled with paper and overlaid with paper strips. A hanging basket liner was used as a base ground cover before static grass applied with my home made applicator (electric fly swat meets metal sieve). The grass is a bit lurid at the moment and will be toned down with earthy colours supplied by airbrush.

Bowling Street July 2015-03Bowling Street July 2015-02

Finally card mock ups of the two goods sheds have been knocked up to work out the general feel and clearances. These will be used to create more accurate drawings so that etched windows can be sourced (or custom etched if necessary). I’ve started modifying the Hornby resin shed to give it a more GNR appearance.  Next I will mock up the rear retaining wall that carries the elevated and graded running line and the office in front of it.

Bowling Street July 2015-08Bowling Street July 2015-07

A note on the Redutex cobbles – these were fixed onto plasticard to raise them to the correct height. Probably cork or card would be better as in the heat of the last few days the plastic has expanded creating a buckle. On the plus side this has created a nice camber on the ramp! Hopefully this will settle again but could lead to problems long term.


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