Posted by: aj427 | May 24, 2015

Closure to Passengers – 60th Anniversary

Saturday 23rd May was the 60th anniversary of the last regular passenger train to run on the GNR Queensbury line. The anniversary has been marked by an exhibition at the Keighley & Worth Valley railway’s Vintage Carriage Trust museum at Ingrow organised by Mark Neale. Mark has been a great source of inspiration and information in my own research of the line and so I was honoured to provide a couple of my models for display at the exhibition. N1 69434 & J50/2 68933 are both locos known to have traversed the line. The display also includes ephemera from the line such as signal box diagrams and name boards, survey equipment, block instruments and tickets as well as two vintage GNR carriages typical of those that would have been used on the line in its early days (and probably well beyond).

S160 'Big Jim' displays 'The Economist' headboard

S160 ‘Big Jim’ displays ‘The Economist’ headboard

Mark Neale with the replica headboard

Mark Neale with the replica headboard

For the official opening ceremony on Saturday we were lucky to have Alan Rhodes and Susan Trip, both descendants of the Woodiwiss family whose company, Benton & Woodiwiss, built the line (not to mention much of the Settle & Carlisle line). A special service train on the KWVR this weekend was hauled by S160 ‘Big Jim’ and carried the ‘The Economist’ headboard as carried by the last passenger train on the line in 1955 and also on the final day of goods traffic. A final acknowledgement was the blowing of ‘Big Jim’s’ whistle at the site of the GN junction with the Worth Valley between Ingrow and Keighley.


The exhibition runs until Autumn.

Find out more about the Queensbury Lines on the Facebook Page here


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