Posted by: aj427 | April 9, 2015

Bowling Street Goods – Spring Progress Update

Time for a long overdue update on Bowling Street Goods. All the track work is now in place including the turnouts and all is wired up and tested for DCC. Turnout control is by the tried and tested wire-in-tube method (in this case using GEM components) and my now usual copper clad stretcher. The turnout control cables are buried in the foam sub-base and run back to a box on the left where they are actuated by electrical switches. These also change the frog polarity at the same time. The control area will be hidden inside the warehouse with access from the front only.

I’ve now started work on the all important coal drops using a balsa framework onto which stone sheets have been added and now painted. A visit to the Shipley MRS Exhibition last September provided some good tips on preparing Wills stone sheets from the owner of the excellent Hebble Vale layout which features coal drops inspired by those at Halifax. I also undertook another survey of the scant remains of the Dryden Street drops as well as the largely preserved L&Y drops at Mill Lane. The adjacent Mill burned down recently allowing an unrestricted view. The resultant drops include elements of the two. The buffer stop is a Dave Franks (Lanarkshire Model Supplies) L&Y type. I would have preferred a GNR ‘C’ type example but this is very similar. Work has now also started on the coal yard below.

Bowling Street Overview-5070

Also of interest at Shipley was the RMLectronics range of scale lighting. These are by far the best items of this kind I’ve seen and a handful of yard lamps were duly purchased for use on Bowling Street.

The yard Entry ramp has been created along with the associated stone walls shown here still under construction and part painted. The cobbles are the Redutex textured stone setts sheet. The jury’s still out on these.

Finally some ‘work’ on the rear shed. This building is intended to be a former engine shed, converted to a goods shed. The inspiration for this is the original Adolphus Street engine shed that was converted into a carriage shed.  I hadn’t intended to use any ready to plant buildings on this project, however, I then noticed the more than passing resemblance between Hornby’s now discontinued R8637 resin engine shed building and my intended prototype. The building stood until the early 70’s and is quite well photographed so clearly Hornby must have used this as inspiration. One was duly purchased and has been shortened, ready for detailling and painting and will be modified with double doors to the left door and right doorway blocked up.

D Shed '70   R8637

Bowling Street Stack 1J50/2 68933 shunts the coal drops. This is a kit-built example purchased at a quite reasonable price on ebay a couple of weeks before the Hornby announcement. The model was well built but the details were somewhat generic with elements of J50/1, J50/2 and J50/3 so it has been re-detailed and renumbered as a J50/2 (which Hornby are not doing).

Bowling Street Stack 6

Bowling Street


J50/2 68933 waits whilst a Scammell Scarab trundles across the tracks and down the ramp.

Bowling Street Stack 2

Bowling Street Stack 3L&Y ‘A’ Class 52452 enters the yard with a trip working. This is one of my 3D printed bodies on a Bachmann ‘C’ class chassis.

Bowling Street Stack 4Bowling Street Stack 5



  1. Very nice indeed. It also looks very spacious for only 4′ in length – given I’m currently eyeing up a similarly sized sheet of ply, that reassures me!

  2. Lovely weathering on the A class and wagons Andrew. It looks to becoming together nicely.

    • Thanks Tom. I think I’m using pretty much the same technique as you now.

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