Posted by: aj427 | December 17, 2014

Hornby 2015 Announcements

Normally this passes me by pretty much unnoticed, however, this year Hornby have announced a Gresley J50. Early indications suggest that they will be offering three LNER Group Standard designs:  J50/3 with GNR buffers, J50/3 with LNER buffers and J50/4. The designs look to be quite well advanced with a 3d print of one of the offerings.

Obviously I have slightly mixed feelings about this: On the one hand it’s a model I would very much like RTR and I think that Hornby will do a good job (if the just out Peppercorn K1 is anything to go by, they are returning to form). On the other hand I’ve put a lot of effort into my J50 project which will soon be redundant. Still, on the whole I’m very happy about this model announcement. However, no further work will be undertaken on my J50 project for the time being.


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