Posted by: aj427 | December 4, 2014

L&YR Aspinall Class 27 – Prototype Complete

The A class has now been detailed, painted and weathered. Here she is crewed up and ready for action.

Aspinall27-4916 stacked - WEBAspinall27-4914 - WEBAspinall27-4923 - WEBAspinall27 (4 of 20) - WEB Aspinall27-4928stacked - WEB

I tried a different approach for the steps on this model. The back face is a 3d printed part that slots into a space under the body. The horizontal steps are fashioned from clear acetate (like the stuff you get on plastic packaging) which seems easier to score/bend than styrene (which tends to snap at this sort of size) and stronger once assembled.

aspinall (1 of 5) - WEB

A number of parts have been reused from the C Class donor: safety valves and raised cover, whistle, boiler back head and cab interior parts, tender brake handle, fall plate and guard irons.

The only real challenge was the draw bar arrangement: The C Class draw bar cannot be reused as it’s too short so one needs to be fashioned. Likewise the tender sub-frame to body fixing has to be quite far back to be hidden. My eventual solution was to fashion a small length of brass with a bolt that attached to the tender body fixing, like so:

Aspinall27-4931 - WEB

This and some other minor modifications (where I’ve identified things that can be improved) have been implemented in the CAD file and the model will be on sale on Shapeways hopefully next week.

A full set of instructions will follow soon.



  1. This model looks superb!! Could the Aspinall A class be modelled in N gauge?

    • In theory yes. However, realistically the CAD model would need to be re-designed from the ground up as the walls would be too thin to print if the 00 model was just reduced down. Also a suitable chassis would be required and the body modelled around this.

      • Thanks very much for your reply. I have the Lima 4F 0-6-0 in mind for the chassis as there isn’t too much difference between that and the Aspinall 0-6-0; at least for modelling purposes. Of course the body would still have to fit.

        The funny thing is that I was independently looking at uploading a picture for 3D modelling in N gauge, to the website that you used, and was looking for suitable image when I saw your model and noticed that you had used the same company.

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