Posted by: aj427 | October 8, 2014

L&YR A Class Test Print

Thanks to some not inconsiderable additional info received (with thanks) for the tender, the CADs have been completed and the test model has just arrived from Shapeways. It’s come out quite well but needs a good cleanup. The tender interior is designed to drop into place (to make it easier to fit weight, dcc, etc) and some other detail parts are also sprued here: brake shoes, tender tool boxes (these seemed to be placed in a variety of locations or not at all) cab interior reverser wheel and steps. I’ve found that shrinkage can be an issue with the FUD material so I have two options for the tender wheels; holes for pinpoint bearings and a sub-frame for through-frame bearings. I’ll see which works best. I’ve managed to snap off one of the tender brake blocks due to my own clumsiness. The next test will be to see if it all fits! Fingers crossed.

Class 27 01Class 27 02Class 27 03Class 27 04



  1. That looks rather grand.

    I would, however, encourage you to also look at etching some components (so on a flat sheet to fold up). I think it would be better for items like the cab where the thiness of the sheet is important or the chassis where I think it will be a lot more durable?

    With a bit of care in design, such items can be made to fold up to the greater degree and will be very simple to combine with the remainder of the print?

    The other thing to look at is to use portions of the print as masters for lost wax casting. Thus, for example, you could have cast brake blocks/hangers that thred onto a brass rod that is then affixed to the etched tender frame. Getting the best of each of the different materials.

  2. Fascinating project…

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