Posted by: aj427 | September 5, 2014

Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway ‘A’ Class (27)

A loco at the back of my mind as a future model was the rather elegant L&YR Aspinall Class 27, aka the ‘A’ Class. Recently on RMWeb I saw Larry Goddard’s (Coachman) excellent conversion of a Bachmann C Class chassis for use as a RTR chassis beneath his Craftsman kit of the A Class and this inspired me to give it a go as a 3d print. A C class was duly purchased and examined. The chassis is not 100% accurate but is very close and comes with the benefit of good running and reliability. The tender will need to be completely 3d printed (other than the wheels). These are the first draft renders of the model.

AJModels L&YR Class 27 View 1AJModels L&YR Class 27 View 2

I intend to re-use as much of the C class as possible – the backhead is again, not 100% accurate, but very similar, will fit over the motor and is better than anything that could be printed. The C class raised safety valve assembly is a separate piece and will also be reused (if I can remove it, there seems to be a lot of glue).



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