Posted by: aj427 | June 9, 2014

Bowling Street Goods – work continues

Work continued throughout May. Firstly built-in folding legs have been added. These seemed a good idea at the time and, although they are handy, allowing the layout to be quickly erected inside and out (very useful in this changeable weather), they add far too much weight and are a bit unstable. When finished, I intend the proposed height above the embankment be about 4′ but as I’m a short a**e I’ve cut them down to an easy layout building height. I intend to replace them with height-adjustable folding trestles at a later date. All plain track sleepering has been glued in place. I’m mainly using Exactoscale sleeper bases for this along with some C&L (built up to the same height on plasticard) that I had to use up. Rail to the plain track has also been added. Copper clad strips have been added and soldered at the baseboard edges where the track will join the fiddle yards. Grooves have been created in the underlay for the wire-in-tube turnout operation. Finally an unpleasant job now tackled is the layout wiring which is now 90% complete with all droppers soldered in place and the DCC bus wired in.

Here’s some pics of the work in progress from a couple of weeks ago with some stock plonked in place to get a feel for the space:

Bowling Street Goods May (4 of 6) Bowling Street Goods May (1 of 6)Bowling Street Goods May (3 of 6) Bowling Street Goods May (5 of 6)


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