Posted by: aj427 | June 9, 2014

Bowling Street Goods (G Shed) work commences

With planning complete I set about baseboard construction. It’s a traditional softwood frame with a 6mm plywood top with the lower front element for the coal yard built-in. The two fiddle yard boards have also been constructed, both 2′ long. Boards were then sealed with yacht varnish. The box/backscene will be added later and will be removable for easy access to the board and to allow access through tight spaces.

To reduce track noise I’ve decided to experiment with a foam-type underlay. I had used Depron wood floor underlay before but this is now only available in 6mm thickness so I looked at craft foam sheets that are available very inexpensively from the likes of Hobbycraft (80p for an A3 sheet, Fab Foam). This is a 2mm thick close-cell neoprene like substance available in a variety of colours – I opted for charcoal black. These were glued down with carpet tackifier glue. With just four turnouts I’ve decided on the wire-in-tube method for turnout operation as it’s cheap and robust and I already have some parts from the Mercontrol system. This will be surface mounted in grooves cut into the foam. The control area will be hidden within the Banana warehouse on the left and will use sliding switches to also change frog polarity at the same time. Couplings will be 3-link so no under-track magnets will be required.

The 00-SF Templot track plan was cut out and spray-mounted onto the underlay. There will be some areas of inset track or cobbled areas as well as general ash ballast. The rear incline is to be added as are the coal drops.

For someone like me who’s used to almost glacial progress the beauty of such a small layout is how quickly it starts coming together. All of the above was done in a couple of weekends and here’s the result:

Bowling Street Goods (5 of 5) Bowling Street Goods (4 of 5) Bowling Street Goods (3 of 5) Bowling Street Goods (2 of 5)



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