Posted by: aj427 | May 7, 2014

Gresley J50/3 Test Print Saga

These have been some time in development with some issues at Shapeways. Firstly the generic chassis has been redesigned with thickening up of some of the more brittle parts. I’ve tried to do this as unobtrusively as possible but inevitably some of the parts do not look as fine as I would have liked. The chassis width and motor mount have also been altered to suit the High Level Roadrunner+ gearbox which will hopefully give a more suitable ratio. Finally specific brake gear parts for the J50/3 have been added.

All this done, the new chassis was sprued up with the J50/3 body for a test print. The results were less than satisfactory with the model turning up with an incredible amount of wax and additional very rough wavy horizontal lines as shown.

404747-3107 404747-3103 404747-3106

A complaint was raised with customer services and the model duly reprinted. However, this was not without issues as although the body was a particularly fine print, the entire chassis was missing! Again, a complaint was raised and Shapeways agreed to reprint the missing part which was then duly rejected for some thin walls even though it’s been through the process twice already (three times including the thinner original J50/2 chassis). So after another redesign it’s now finally been printed and is on it’s way.



  1. Any further progress on this J50 ?

    • Hi David,
      Progress report coming very soon.

  2. cheers just seen your entry on rmweb,,,,

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