Posted by: aj427 | December 20, 2013

Gresley J50 – Developing the Chassis

Further work has been done on the printed J50 chassis to verify its feasibility. The dimensions have remained stable since printing and painting with no shrinkage at all. By contrast the two bodies I had done on the same print have both shrunk very slightly. I surmise that the rigid box structure of the chassis as opposed to the open structure of the bodies has prevented this.
So far bearings, a High Level Loadhauler & motor, Gibson wheels and coupling rods, lead ballast, and finally pick-ups have been added. I still need to add pick-ups for the front wheels as well as some more ballast.

Unfortunately some of the peripheral details (guard irons, brake parts and springs) have proved too flimsy and have been damaged due to manhandling but otherwise so far so good – the running is nice and smooth (albeit rather slow – this gearbox was originally intended for another project) and has proved the concept for further development. The peripheral detail will either be strengthened or made to be add-on parts that can be put on after the chassis has been wheeled and motorised.

J50 (1 of 1) J50 (6 of 9)

The body sits a little too high at the moment – I have tracked this down to a small error in my measurements where I hadn’t allowed for the thickness of the running plate – but that’s easily adjusted in future prints. The same problem occurs with the body for the Bachmann Pannier chassis but I think that’s down to the slighty larger wheels. Again a minor adjustment in the CAD file will sort this.

J50 (2 of 9) J50 (3 of 9) J50 (4 of 9) J50 (5 of 9)

Over the Christmas break I hope to get some work done on detailing the bodies, pending the arrival of some handrail knobs.


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