Posted by: aj427 | October 9, 2013

J50 Project CADs

Work has progressed on the J50 project with several models being developed. These include  J50/2, J50/3 and J50/4 bodies developed for a protypically wheel spaced 3d-printed chassis (to which wheels, motor and gearbox will need to be added) as well as a J50/3 and J50/ developed to use the Bachmann 8750 Pannier chassis. The Bachmann chassis has a slightly incorrect wheel spacing for the J50 being based on a 7’3″+8’3″ prototype rather than 7’3″+9’0″ of the J50. Further discussion of the ongoing development can be found on RMWeb and Modellers United. Two of these proposals have been further refined and sent to Shapeways for a test print.

AJModels Gresley J50-2 a AJModels Gresley J50-3 a AJModels Gresley J50-4 a



  1. HI,I see, essentially the differences in the J50s were the cab windows and coal bunkers. Did all three examples run on the Queensbury lines?I do have some B&W shots of the J50s if you would like sight of them. one at Q, one near Thornton Viaduct. one having come out of the brickworks at Headley, a few in Thornton yard, and I think one or two in Queensbury station.Mark Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2013 10:10:26 +0000 To:

    • Hi Mark, all sorts of differences if you look closely but broadly: The J50/2s where the original GNR design and seemed to have a variety of rear window arrangements at various times, GNR pattern buffers, no wheel balances, LHD and vacuum brakes. These types along with the earlier J50/1 (which were rebuilds of the J51) could be found on the Queensbury lines and quite a few were allocated to Bradford Bowling shed. The J50/3 was the LNER group standard version – RHD, steam brakes, balanced wheels, the first few had GNR buffers and the rest LNER buffers. Again, some were allocated to Bowling shed and could be found on the Queensbury lines. The J50/4s were another LNER design, essentially the same as the J50/3 but with vacuum brakes and the very distinctive hopper bunker. They were mainly allocated to Scotland but could be found elsewhere. Copley Hill had a couple that were used for coaching stock movements at Leeds Central. I don’t think that Bowling had an allocation (but I could be wrong) and I’ve never seen a photograph of any around Bradford.
      The photos sound interesting, I have some of J50s at Queensbury but the others don’t sound familiar so yes please!

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