Posted by: aj427 | April 18, 2013

Legs Akimbo!

Looking back it seemed a long, cold winter. Well, it was a long, cold winter. Despite the shed being insulated and lined it still gets pretty cold in there and during the recent snows of late March (ridiculous – someone should do something) I said farewell to the other half and made the long and lonely trek up the garden only to find I couldn’t even open the shed door. This was doubly annoying as the snow clearing shovel was inside… So what was done on Great Hotton during that time? Well no where near as much as I’d have liked as it happens.

I plodded on with turnout construction finally completing the last one only a few weeks ago. I plodded on with detail work on the N1 (see here) – something I’d vowed not to do. And I made some legs.

One job I’d been putting off was clearing the old (and unfinished) Heathley Kirkgate layout upon which Great Hotton was resting. A trip to Ikea (on a Saturday, ughh) resulted in the purchase of three sets of Oddvald trestle legs. Once built they were a fairly solid construction but obviously being desk high they were too short for my needs so I set to with a good old Ikea-hack. A top platform was added and two ‘L’  beams fixed to the base. Finally some adjustable feet were added. All of this added around 100mm to the height and coupled to the 100mm depth of the tops means the finished height of the baseboard is around kitchen worktop height. Since I’m a short arse and the boards are 2’6″ deep this is fine for me as a finished height. I also need to consider the raised land to the right of the scene and how much space there is to the slope of the shed ceiling.

Legs-0422With the legs created the boards were temporarily stored and the old layout dismantled. A couple of the boards have been cleared and pressed into service as my new workbench and others turned into much needed extra shelves above the fiddle yard areas. With all that done a spring clean was in order and a couple of trips to the tip later and the shed is ready for the next stage of work.


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